Human beings, who have found cures for many things, have not yet figured out how to resist gravity. Our skin, which is treated mercilessly by time, wears out, wrinkles and ages over the years. At the same time, sagging begins with the effect of gravity. Our face loses its elasticity due to weight gain and loss, gravity and collagen deficiency. This is exactly where the facelift operation gives us back our youth. We aspire to your youth with our experienced doctors in Northern Cyprus and 5-star hospital service.

What is a facelift?

Face lift, also known as rhytidectomy, is performed to give the face a smoother, fresher and firmer appearance. It is possible to achieve a younger appearance with a face lift applied to lift the skin and reduce sagging around the face and neck. Thanks to the personalized application, the curved lines between the corners of the mouth and nose are eliminated.

Types of Facelift

There are 9 different types of facelift;

  • Deep face lift (SMAS face lift)
  • Mini face lift
  • Mid face lift
  • Traditional face lift
  • Deep plane face lift
  • Skin face lift (Cutaneous face lift)


Mid-face lift is a procedure that is applied to the middle part of the face, especially on the cheeks. With the mid-face lift performed for the purpose of plumping the cheeks, sagging is removed, the cheeks are lifted and fine wrinkles are removed. It is a good choice especially for clients who do not have wrinkles in the jowl and nasolabial region. However, it can also be applied to people who have wrinkles in these regions.


Mini facelift is completed by making invisible incisions to tighten the skin. A younger face appearance is created by mini facelift, which gives the skin a smooth appearance. Mini facelift makes it possible to remove excess tissue and reduces the appearance of the jowl.

Standard Facelift

It is the distribution / shaping of the fat around the face, neck and jowl, repositioning of the lower tissue and elimination of deep layers. The skin is lifted up with the application starting from the hairline at the temples and continuing up to the ear area. Instead of an aged neck appearance, you will have a skin free of lines.


Traditional facelift

Wrinkles are removed with the traditional face lift applied to improve the jaw line and to reposition the muscles in the neck and face. The application, which makes it possible to withdraw the skin, can also be performed by cutting the excess skin to create a refreshed and youthful appearance. It is especially applied to people who have many deep wrinkles, sagging facial muscles, and loose jaw lines.

SMAS facelift (SMAS rhytidectomy)

SMAS-type facelift is a procedure for the deep inner layers of the skin to support the facial tissue. With the application, a long-term natural appearance is obtained. It is effective on areas such as sagging in the middle of the face, cheek sagging, hollow cheeks and jowl.

Deep plane facelift

Deep plane facelift is an application performed to complete the anatomical plane in the deep muscle layer. It becomes possible to raise the sagging areas with the process that makes it possible to pull the skin by releasing the fat and muscle layers. The sagging on the cheeks is removed and the face gains a straighter appearance.

Cutaneous (skin) facelift

It is a procedure applied only to people who need to have the excess skin on their face removed. With the application, the facial skin has a more dense and smooth appearance. There is no intervention on the muscles lying in the lower part of the face.

Am I a good candidate for facelift?

The main criteria that determine whether you are a good candidate for a facelift can be listed as follows;

  • Deep wrinkles in the neck or face area,
  • Sagging in the jowl area,
  • Loss of elasticity of the skin,
  • Good general health status,
  • Being at a certain weight level.

What should I expect from a facelift consultation?

During the consultation, your expectations should be as follows;

  • Surgical purpose,
  • Drugs you use, nutritional supplements, vitamins, etc.
  • Alcohol or smoking,
  • Previous surgeries

How does facelift surgery work?

In general, face lift application aims to tighten the muscles and tissues and uplift the skin. If necessary, fat on the neck and face can be removed, moved or shaped. Wrinkles in the face and neck area are removed. A more youthful appearance is targeted.

How should I get prepared for a facelift?

Before face lift application;

  • You should stop smoking.
  • You should adjust the medicines you use and buy some medicines.
  • You must complete your laboratory tests.
  • You should avoid drugs and herbal supplements that may cause bruising or bleeding.

What should I expect during facelift recovery?

  • Swelling in the surrounding tissues, pain and bruising around the face may occur after the surgery. This is a normal result. The amount varies from person to person.
  • After the application, the top of the bed should be raised up to 30 degrees.
  • After facelift, bending the head area and turning the head with sudden movements should be avoided.
  • After the surgery, the drugs recommended by the doctor should be used.

Life after a facelift

After facelift, the effects of aging on the face are corrected and the skin gains a younger appearance. In order to protect the effects of the post-procedure application in the long term, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, keep the skin moist, eat healthy and protect the skin against the harmful effects of sunlight.

How will facelift results look over the long term?

The effects of facelift application can persist for many years. However, in this process, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendations and pay attention to the lifestyle. Even if face lift is not an application of which results are life long, applying the right care procedures to the skin has a direct impact on expectations.

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