With more and more people talking openly about their mental health, gaslighting has become more and more common in the last few years. TV series, people speaking out without fear of losing their jobs in the sector they work in, and gaslighting being featured in TV programs have raised awareness. Let's take a closer look [...]
We all know the importance of oral health. With dental treatments starting from childhood, you can both protect oral health and put an end to aesthetic concerns. In the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you can offer your children a healthy and economical solution with both quality materials and experienced dentists.What are the children braces? [...]
The best investment you can make in yourself is a check-up that will only take 1 day. In the comfort of a 5-star hotel, we recommend you to have this valuable experience with expert doctors and professors ın Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.What is check up? Early diagnosis and treatment is the most important step [...]
Our eye health is directly related to our quality of life. It can also be a harbinger of other diseases, and our eye health is never something that can be postponed. There are clinics in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus where we can get detailed information about our eye health with experienced doctors and [...]
Breast cancer can be prevented with awareness which is ver common in women over 40. Early diagnosis saves many lives. The most important thing in this disease is follow-up and early diagnosis. After 40 years of age, the disease can be detected with mammography, which is recommended once a year, and treatment can be started [...]
Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers for which there is no clear cure yet, but much progress has been made. With the latest advances and technology in the medical world, you can start your treatment in Northern Cyprus and continue in the comfort of a 5-star hotel. We are here for you [...]
One of the most important issues for men is the length, thickness, and functionality of the penis after hypertrophy in men. Today, aesthetic penile surgery is preferred because men may complain of various deformities of the penis, size issues, thinness, curvature, and post-circumcision penile problems. Depending on many reasons or completely directly proportional to the [...]
Human beings, who have found cures for many things, have not yet figured out how to resist gravity. Our skin, which is treated mercilessly by time, wears out, wrinkles and ages over the years. At the same time, sagging begins with the effect of gravity. Our face loses its elasticity due to weight gain and [...]
As a new destination for people who need hair transplantation, North Cyprus offers you a unique experience. With its attraction, nature and stunning cuisine we promise you a little break beside to earn back your self-confidence.What is hair transplantation? Hair transplantation, which is applied to people who have hair loss problems, is a preferred application [...]
With the most recent technology, North Cyprus offers invisalign which is currently very popular. This technique, which will treat your teeth without you even realizing it, is with you to achieve the ideal of the flawless appearance.What is Invisalign? The orthodontic technology applied for the alignment problems of the teeth with personalized transparent plaques is [...]