Hair Transplant

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation, which is applied to people who have hair loss problems, is a preferred application when hair follicles are not active. In this application, which is carried out for the transplantation of hair follicles with micro-surgical methods, the patient’s own healthy hair is used. Hair follicles that are resistant to shedding, mainly located in the nape area, are collected in a personalized process. In the hair transplantation process, in which the collected hair follicles are applied to the channels in the parts that are completely shed or thinned out, the objective is to give a  permanent hairy appearance.

What to expect from a hair transplant?

With hair transplantation, it is aimed to eliminate the baldness problem of the person and to have a natural and healthy hair appearance.

Who is a good candidate for hair transplant?

Below should be paid attention for a good hair transplant:

  • No health problems
  • Having a certain level of hair density,
  • A certain age level to achieve a good result (Usually the best candidates for planting are over 30 years old)
  • Type of hair loss (Male or female pattern baldness)
  • Hair type (Wavy or curly hair is an important criterion in terms of providing better coverage than the transplanted areas)

How to find the right clinic for hair transplant?

The clinic to be preferred for hair transplantation is of great importance in order to obtain a healthy and efficient result;

  • Providing free consultation service before treatment,
  • Creating a personalized treatment program and determining the needs individually which is done and set before the operation,
  • The experience and competence of the person who will perform the planting in this field,
  • Techniques applied in the clinic,
  • Before and after transplanted patients,
  • Hygiene and sterilization of the clinic,
  • Post-sowing process follow-up.

Does the procedure hurt?

Pain and suffering in hair transplantation which is done perfectly in North Cyprus is minimal. After the surgery, patients do not face intense pain problems. Since it is an application usually performed with sedation, the relevant area is anesthetized and the patient is planned to have a comfortable operation process.

Will my transplanted hair eventually fall out?

The primary goal in hair transplantation is to achieve a hair appearance that meets the long-term expectations of the person. Depending on the age, thinning may occur in the hair follicles, but the risk of experiencing complete baldness after the application is low. Even if hair thinning continues, the hairline will not regain its former appearance. However, it should not be forgotten that the criteria affecting this situation are also related to factors such as the person’s age, lifestyle and general health status.

What is micro blend grafting?

Micro blend grafting method is the grafting of genetically long-lasting grafts located on the back or sides of the scalp and grafting them into balding areas. At the end of the application, the hair grows normally and takes root in the relevant area.

What is FUE?

The FUE method, known as “Follicular Unit Extraction”, is the transfer of hair follicles obtained from a specific area to areas where hair is not present. The FUE method, which is a widely preferred technique in hair transplantation all over the world, is also very advantageous in that it does not involve stitches or cuts. The method, which also has privileged features such as rapid recovery and lack of pain, is consists of those steps:

  • Collection of hair follicles
  • Opening channels
  • Planting the hair follicles in the opened channels.

What is DHI?

The technique of placing the hair follicles obtained by removing one by one from the donor area of ​​the body directly to the bald area is called DHI. A skin strip is removed from the patient in the step of collecting the grafts of the application, in which a maximum of 3000-3500 grafts are obtained.

Will my hair look natural?

The primary goal in hair transplantation is to achieve a natural and healthy hair appearance. Working with a team of experts in this field will accelerate the process of achieving the desired results, especially in the creation of the hairline and the placement of the hair in the thinned areas. Considering the criteria such as the patient’s being a good candidate for hair transplantation and the experience of the clinic in this field, a natural hair appearance is inevitable.


What happens during a hair transplant?

In hair transplantation, after the scalp is cleaned, the relevant area is anesthetized with a surgical needle. The technique to be applied for sowing is decided and the application is started.

When do I see results from a hair transplant?

In many patients, the desired appearance becomes evident after six or nine months of surgery. However, sometimes it can take up to 12 months. Hair loss is experienced between the first two and eight weeks after the surgery. This situation, called shock shedding, is a normal result. Afterwards, it is normal to encounter thin hair as before hair transplantation until the third month. Within a year, the patient will have a durable and healthy hair appearance that will make him/her feel good in front of the mirror.

Aftercare (DO’S and DON’TS)

  • In the first seven days after hair transplantation, it is necessary to keep the head elevated and to choose a correct sleeping position to reduce the risk of swelling.
  • Driving is not recommended in the first 24 hours.
  • Hair should not be washed within the first 48 hours. On the third day of the treatment, the hair can be washed gently. Washing should continue on the fifth day, but not too fast.
  • In order to speed up the treatment process, plenty of water should be consumed.
  • Possible crusting on the scalp should not be interfered with.
  • During the first two weeks, one should not go out in the sun between 10:00-14:00 when the scalp is directly exposed to the sun or the recommended protective equipment should be used after sowing.
  • During the first month, environments such as Turkish bath, sea or sauna should not be preferred.
  • Again, in the first month, physical activities that force the body should be avoided.

Our hair transplantation package includes;

  • Welcome and farewell services to and from the airport as well as all VIP transportation while you are visiting North Cyprus.
  • Plasma PRP-HT sessions to strengthen hair, stop hair loss, and feed full hair follicles.
  • Pharmaceutical Pouch containing basic medications, shampoos, lotions, and medical creams that are required right away following surgery.
  • Facilities for translation
  • Dressing and wound care
  • Two nights of lodging in a five-star hotel

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