The care needed for ourselves or our loved ones is a process that requires making difficult choices. Making these decisions can wear down those who need and should receive material and moral care. For this reason, home care can be a good and relaxing choice for everyone in order to provide the necessary medical care without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Project Healthcare provides home care services for the patients who are bedridden and unable to go to a medical center or hospital.

We offer wide range of home care services ; from postoperative to elderly care, from pregnant women to newborns, from short-term care to home-based clinical examinations.

With our trained and experienced staff who provide home care services, will be happy to provide you with the necessary personalized care without leaving your comfort zone or your loved ones.


"Your asset for health..."

Major and largest patient groups which require home care services are;

Post-operative care

Orthopaedics and traumatology

Heart, vascular and hypertension diseases


Lung and respiratory



Newly born mothers and their babies

Paralytic, elderly and disabled people

Wound care, injection, infusion and other short-term nursing services

Laboratory testing

Need all kinds of medical equipment at home

With the above groups and all other patients in need of home care in mind, Project Healthcare is proud to offer the following services:

General responsibilities and tasks of our home care team, who are regularly audited, include specific job descriptions such as;

Protect the patient rights,
respect your privacy and strictly obey the principles of confidentiality,
ensure your independence as much as possible,
your written consent will be obtained prior to the examination, treatment or medical service,
requirements are controlled and checked as considering the safety care taking into account safety precautions to support your rights,
act with a team approach with a common understanding,
equal access to services, taking into account age, gender, beliefs, disabilities, culture and language, sexuality and more,
home care services should be provided in a safe environment so that they are not harmed by the wrong equipment,
you need to determine the number of team members to meet your needs,
your medical records should be questioned and treated with confidentiality and caution,
resolve complaints appropriately.

Our home care services have an “interdisciplinary approach” that has the following teamwork advantages;

brings the health services to be offered to your home; increases the quality of your life,
quick decision and fast service delivery; through a health professional providing a special care and treatment in your home,
job satisfaction; your healthcare professionals are aware that you trust them completely and they practice their expertise and experience, which creates job satisfaction,
knowledge sharing and acquisition; having a multidisciplinary team means that all members of the team share their expertise, skills and experience and train their families in patient care,
accelerates the healing process; with an uninterrupted and periodic care services,
creativity; since the service is personalized , some standard rules can be out of order , your health personnel at the your home produce the solutions with a multidisciplinary team,
motivation; all members of the health team, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists or doctors know that they are working as a team to help you, this is enough motivation for them,
productivity; teamwork is carried out in harmony, the professional knowledge and skills of each of the team members provides positive feedback to you, increases productivity, minimizes the problems of patient relatives.