Project Healthcare provides nursing services based on doctor consultation and medical reports.

Based on your needs and your doctor’s medical advice, a treatment plan is decided and the procedures are applied.


Nurses are very important to the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation, to improving current health and to provide the necessary information among families, medical centers and social institutions in relation to the role of nursing staff.

In addition to sufficient knowledge, their experience and background are the hallmarks of our contract nurses;

  • provide and supervises the care,

  • can make effective and rapid decisions,

  • have a multidisciplinary team work,

  • perform essential diagnostic steps,

  • provide effective solutions to problems,

  • provide effective education, counseling and supervision to the patient/family,

  • calm and respond effectively to emergencies,

  • consultant,

  • epidemiologist,

  • family defender,

  • enquirer.

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