Developments in the medical technology have increased the possibilities of early diagnosis and treatment, reducing the death rate due to diseases and prolonging life expectancy.

Chronic illness increases with age, and caring for this group of illnesses has become one of the health problems.

Patient management and home nursing interventions are critical to the modern approach to palliative care.

Therefore, our home care team needs to build effective teamwork with both the primary health care team and the palliative care team in the medical center to provide integrated services within the team.

Our goal is to provide physical, social and psychological support to you and your relatives by providing palliative care.

Project Healthcare palliative care providers take a specific approach to palliative care programs, taking into account the dynamics of each family.

The Integrated Palliative Care Plan improves the quality of service provided by considering the flow of effective communication between you and your loved ones during this period and by taking into account the following objectives:

track symptoms such as pain, shortness of breath, fatigue,
accustom patients to pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods,
relieve according to universal ethical values and legal regulations to provide care services,
to establish effective communication between patients and relatives,
to protect the patient’s personality, independence and values,
to support depressed families,
improve quality of life,
to respect patient decisions and decisions,
to provide detailed information about the patient’s health,
to involve both the family and the patient in decision making.

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