Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

BBL plastic surgery is a surgery that reshapes the buttocks by removing superfluous skin and reducing or increasing the amount of fat in the buttocks, depending on the patient’s particular needs, resulting in smoother skin and firmer, rounder, better-proportioned buttock contours. Fat injection alone can help some individuals obtain a better-shaped buttock contour.

What does brazilian butt lift do?

This surgery, referred to as a BBL plastic surgery, involves removing excess fat from one area of the body and injecting it into the buttocks. In many cases, fat is removed from a “problem area,” such as the hips, thighs, or lower abdomen, improving the overall appearance of the lower body.

Why is it called brazilian butt lift?

This surgery involves removing fat from another part of the body, commonly the abdomen, waist, hips, or thighs, purifying it, and then injecting it into the buttocks without the use of artificial implants. Because it originated in South America, the Brazilian butt lift has become synonymous with the technique.


Is a brazilian butt lift permanent?

Your Brazilian butt lift’s outcomes are semi-permanent. It’s hard for your surgery to produce a genuinely permanent result because your fat cells fluctuate over time.

Who is a good candidate for a bbl plastic surgery?

People who want to improve the appearance and prominence of their buttocks without the use of artificial implants are good candidates for Brazilian butt lift surgery. These patients should have some spare body fat to draw from in various places of their bodies.

What happens to a bbl after years?

For years after surgery, most plastic surgery patients have outstanding outcomes with their BBL. You should have the same round, perky shape in your buttocks after ten years as you did after surgery. You should experience pleasing outcomes 10 or more years later as long as you don’t gain or lose a lot of weight.

How does a bbl look when you’re old?

After ten years, your buttocks are likely to have the same perky and curvy shape as they were shortly after the procedure. Because BBL plastic surgery is not meant to address loose skin, you may need to have a touch-up operation later if you develop skin laxity.

What age is best for bbl plastic surgery?

When you’re between the ages of 26 and 35, you should consider getting a BBL.

How do you maintain bbl results?

Maintain a consistent weight.
Avoid wearing constricting or tight clothing while recovering from BBL.
For at least 2–3 weeks, avoid direct pressure on the transplanted cells.
Quit smoking.
Consume a healthy, well-balanced diet.
Return to a more active state gradually.

Does a bbl plastic surgery leave scars?

Unlike butt augmentation with gluteal implants, BBL plastic surgery leaves very little visible scarring, if any at all. Because the fat is injected by syringe, there should be no scarring on the buttocks. Only the little, 2–3 mm incisions required during liposuction will leave scars.

How can i grow my butt after bbl plastic surgery?

Exercise following BBL can also help patients achieve a tighter, firmer, and more toned butt shape. Lower body weight training, squats, and lunges are the ideal exercises to do after BBL to achieve an even bigger butt.

What is a skinny bbl?

A slim mini BBL includes injecting a little amount of fat into the buttocks. The main purpose of this process is to provide a natural-looking result with a modest volume boost. Patients with a BMI of less than 21 should choose for skinny mini BBLs.

Will a bbl plastic surgery remove cellulite?

The additional fat does provide some BBL patients a smoother, firmer, more toned appearance and visibly decreases cellulite and dimples. Additionally, when the buttocks fill out, cellulite on the thighs may appear smoother.

Can i drive after bbl plastic surgery?

As a result, BBL patients should avoid driving for at least a few weeks following surgery; the closer you can get to 6-8 weeks without driving, the more likely you are to preserve a bigger percentage of the transferred fat intact.

When can i wear jeans after bbl plastic surgery?

About 2–3 months following BBL surgery, most patients can safely and comfortably wear jeans. Dr. Chiddy will thoroughly monitor your healing process throughout your postoperative follow-up appointments and will let you know when it is safe to resume wearing your chosen clothing styles.

Recovery preccess after bbl plastic surgery

It takes about six weeks for BBL to recuperate. You should avoid sitting or resting on your backside for the first two weeks. Sleeping on your side or stomach is possible, but sitting will necessitate the use of an inflated doughnut-shaped seat or a pillow.

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