Sperm Freezing

What is sperm freezing?

Sperm freezing is the process of collecting and storing sperm under appropriate conditions so that fertility can be preserved for many years. Today, considering the permanent or temporary effect of the reproductive function of men, sperm freezing is needed. Men who are at risk of losing their fertile sperm cells have the opportunity to benefit from sperm storage procedures with sperm freezing.

With methods such as slow sperm freezing and fast sperm freezing, the primary aim is to keep the chance of survival of the sperm high. Therefore, the suitability of clinical conditions is very important. During the thawing phase of frozen sperm, firstly they are washed and then passed through special solutions. In the next step, obtained sperms are used in a planned manner.

The temperature determined for sperm thawing is accepted as 37 degrees. In the sperm freezing procedure, the chance of having a child is similar to the live sperm.

Why do people freeze sperm?

Some situations that require sperm freezing can be listed as follows;

  • Depending on the methods used in cancer treatment, such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, sperm cells may be permanently affected. For this reason, sperm freezing before treatment may be preferred. This situation, which varies according to the level at which fertility will be affected, is especially for young men who want to have children.
  • Sperm freezing can be applied against some diseases that can cause erection problems such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
  • Operational processes such as pelvic or testicular surgery, vasectomy, and semen canal surgery may cause problems in sperm quantity. Against such situations, sperm freezing is preferred.
  • Sexual dysfunctions may occur in body deformations that may occur as a result of spinal cord injuries.
  • In case of use of a drug that may impair sperm production or quality, sperm freezing may be preferred.
  • If healthy sperm cells are obtained by in vitro fertilization before, the sperm can be frozen for later cycles.

How is sperm collected in preparation for freezing?

The sperm freezing process consists of several steps. In the first step, it is made sure that the person whose sperm will be collected does not have any sexually transmitted diseases. After the blood test examination, if there is no obstacle for the application, a semen sample is taken from the person. A sample taken by masturbation in the relevant clinic can also be given at home for some people. The time for the sperm to be delivered to the laboratory is 24 hours. In some patients, a surgical application may be needed to extract sperm from the testicular tissue.

How is sperm analysed?

After the semen sample is taken to the laboratory environment, the relevant sample is taken into a storage container by the andrologists responsible for the quality of sperm fertility. After the sperm is separated from the seminal fluid, it is examined under the microscope. In this step, it is ensured whether there is sperm in the semen. If the sperm is low or absent, an extra test is requested from the person concerned. According to the result of this test, called semen analysis, the morphology, concentration and motility of the sperm are evaluated.

How is sperm frozen and thawed?

Prepared sperms are placed in a special solution in small bottles. Bottles that go to storage freezers containing liquid nitrogen are stored at temperatures of -196 degrees. The thawing step of sperm that can be frozen indefinitely is carried out at room temperature. The thawed sperm gains movement and its activity status is analysed.


How much sperm should I freeze?

The amount of sample to be frozen belongs to the individual. However, it is recommended to store at least two samples for freezing. The number of sperms to be frozen should be determined well, considering criteria such as the number of children desired to have in the future, the quality of the sperm, and a possible disease that may put the health at risk.

Where do you bank your sperm?

IVF clinics and sperm banks are the best places for sperm to be stored under the right conditions.In North Cyprus, it is stored in clinics.

How effective is sperm freezing?

Since 1953, sperm freezing application has been very successful in people who want to preserve their fertility. Sperms that have a survival rate of 50% during thawing time, are widely used in IVF clinics. The fact that frozen sperm does not pose any risk to the health of the baby planned to be born also has a positive effect on the success of the procedure.

How long does sperm last frozen?

Sperm stored under the right conditions can survive indefinitely.

Are there any legal considerations?

Sperm freezing has certain legal regulations. The person who decides to freeze the sperm has to pay the storage fee. In addition, in case of any loss, how the spouse or person will use the sample is also the responsibility of the party who will freeze the sperm. For example, in the event of death, a contract can be signed to terminate the relevant contract or to determine the person to terminate it. In some IVF clinics, the signing of the contract takes place in the presence of a witness and a notary public.

At what age should I freeze my sperm?

Sperm quality tends to decrease with age. For this reason, it is recommended to apply sperm freezing at an early age. Clinics recommend the age range of 18-25 for sperm freezing age. It is important to apply at an early age as possible, since it is not known whether the sperm will remain healthy and whether it will encounter an environmental exposure.

Can you bank sperm after a vasectomy?

Sperm are stored at very low temperatures and can be stored for many years. If couples decide to have a child after vasectomy, non-surgical options are available. However, not all sperm can survive by freezing.


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