The Project Healthcare admission process


  • If you have questions about medical issues, procedures, doctors, medical centers and travel to NC please contact Project Healtcare team which 24/7 online. In the case of a surgical procedure, all current medical history and images must be submitted. The medical history should contain the information on the clinical condition and the desired surgical intervention / treatment,
  • Our representative confirms that we have received your request,
  • Project Healthcare reviews the request, liaise with an experienced medical facility or physician or related company to consider the request and respond within 24 to 48 hours,



  • Project Healthcare prepares and sends the medical itinerary. Due to our special arrangements with contracted clinics, there is not a long waiting time before your treatment can begin immediately,
  • If a leisure program is required, it will be created with expectations and the medical schedule in mind,


  • All logistics and services have been agreed and confirmed, Project Healthcare submits all logistics, schedule and offer for approval,


  • A Project Healthcare representative meets you at the airport to take you directly to the hotel or medical center and we guide you till your departure,


  • When it is time to depart, Project Healthcare transports you back to the airport and assist you with check–in,


The consultation

process is carried out at the hospital, selected medical center or by the selected physician or physicians considering your case and your medical reports,

Depending on the case

Project Healthcare coordinates the teleconference between our contracted physician and your physician(s), a conference call is also arranged if you request in your home,


Northern Cyprus has a wide range of hotel alternatives and accommodation, taking into account your preferences;

Luxury and international hotels

Northern Cyprus has them in abundance, all major cities and regions of interest have five and four-star hotels,

Mid-range hotels and B&B

offering good accommodation at reasonable prices throughout the country with a variety of services categorized,

Small apartments and short term rentals

in the case of medical treatment, it requires a longer time and rehabilitation.

Project Healthcare has special agreements with many hotels and other accommodations to offer the advantageous services and prices as "Your Ambassador of Health" in Northern Cyprus.


We pride ourselves on serving you with Project Healthcare ground transportation services and our dedicated staff providing exceptional convenience, including all ground transportation.

Most of our our transportation services are included in the medical travel package;

Round trip between airport and medical center or hotel
Round trips to and from the medical center as necessary

Other transportation services which may be inculded additionally;

All other destinations in Northern Cyprus,
Private guided tours to historical locations,
Weekend trips to selected locations,

Project Healthcare prepares and schedules all programs with your medical treatment plan.

Simply tell us about your preferences and let us advise you.


As “Your Health Ambassador in Northern Cyprus”
we assist you through our contracted clinics and physicians considering your case and your treatment.