Turkey has become a major organ transplantation center in the world due to its medical infrastructure and experienced surgeons and medical team.


Throughout Turkey, in almost all major cities, there are several medical centers approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health to perform organ transplants.

Project Healthcare is committed to providing the best personal care and services to save and improve lives through our specialist contracted hospitals in Turkey.


  • Bone marrow transplants

  • Liver transplantation for children and adults with acute and chronic liver failure

  • Living related liver transplantation

  • Comprehensive pediatric hematology service

  • Kidney Transplantation in adults and children

  • Complex vascular and peritoneal access procedures

  • Pancreatic transplantation combined with kidney transplantation for insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

  • Management of major liver trauma and major liver surgery for tumors

  • Elective and emergency surgery for portal hypertension and obstructive jaundice

  • Complex pancreatic surgery for cancer and pancreatitis

  • Biliary surgery for cancer, strictures and stones

  • Managing complications after laparoscopic surgery

  • Surgery for gallbladder cancer